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10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Software Development Services in India

As per research, businesses prefer to outsource because of the cost-effectiveness, to focus on core business, to enhance the service quality, and to meet their overall business needs and improve results. Why would one not prefer something that comes easy, with quality and at a price that one wants? Outsourcing help business to grow infinitely by giving them easy access to industry experts and enables them to Focus on their core business functions.  


Did you know? India with an estimated population of 1.366 billion produces 2 lacs+ IT graduates each year and the IT professionals in India are admired for offering high-quality software services. As per sources, in the year 2018, India has a massive 56% share in the global services sourcing industry. The average hourly rate in India ranges between $20-$40 making outsourcing a profitable affair. No communication barrier, easy access to talented software developers, quality services are some other factors that make India all the more lucrative option.


Here is why you need software development services in India


Lower Costs


As per 2019 Global Software Outsourcing Rates, the average hourly rate of a Lead developer in the US ranged between 176$- 167$ and in India, it is between 30$-42$. From this only you can estimate how much you can save if you outsource software development to India.




India has the highest number of ISO-certified firms and has a cut-throat competition between them. The software development firms consistently provide quality software solutions using cutting edge technology to ensure that the end product is secure, highly functional, and error-free.


Expert Software Developers/Engineers


India has a vast pool of Oracle APEX developers with great expertise in SQL, Java/JavaScript, Oracle APEX, Linux, HP/HX based DB support systems, Solaris, AIX, and you can expect complete Oracle software development services for mobile, cloud and database from them.


Unique Time-Zone Advantage


India is 12 hours ahead of the US! It enables Europe and the US to achieve a 24-hour work cycle if they outsource to India. With the support of an in-house team and offshore team in India, one can expect a boost in overall business productivity effortlessly.


No Communication Barrier


India has around 125 million English-speaking people and it is the second-largest English speaking country in the world. With the help of expert oracle developers who are proficient English speakers, you can expect all your business needs met easily.


Latest Technologies


Indian developers are well known for adapting to new technologies like AR, AI, VR, Blockchain, or Cloud. Not only this, the country is known for innovation and continues to meet the most challenging IT needs of their clients with ease.

software development

Favorable IT Policies


IT comes under the top 5 industries in India. All the IT policies are made after keeping in mind the due benefit of the country and the ones who are outsourcing.


Superior Infrastructure


IT companies in India offer highly customized solutions to its clients using the state-of-the-art infrastructure. Using the latest software and equipment, the companies in India offer solutions that are reliable and up to date.


Advanced Support Services


IT companies in India are known for their excellent support services. They help clients maintain the existing on-premises system and in providing a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid solution. The customized services and mission-critical support provided by these companies will help you meet all your business needs round the clock.


Business-friendly Hiring models


IT companies in India provide different kinds of hiring models which are perfectly suited for large enterprises and startups. These business models let you hire a dedicated team of software developers to cater to businesses unique requirements in a performance-oriented fashion.


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